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I know how frustrating it is to not be able to find consistent, paid work in the game industry.

And, unfortunately, most audio designers are told to do things like put "available for work!" in their Twitter bios, or send out countless demo reels and resumes, hoping that these tactics will get them hired. Alas, doing things like this doesn't work at all. 

So, to help, I've created thousands of pieces of free content to make sure my fellow audio designers get to finding high-quality, paid work much faster than before. 

I have two free courses below that help you do exactly that. Signing up for either one will get you instant access to both. No cost, no upsells, no catches. 

Once you implement what's inside, you'll start to see your network, your projects, and your income expand, all without paying a dime.

Sign up below for instant access!


How to get the jobs you want and get paid for what you do.


  • Get paid for your work

  • Come across professionally in the game industry

  • Negotiate with clients

  • Understand contracts

Game Audio Freelancing Free Coruse Akash


Improve your networking skills to land jobs and grow your freelancing career.

  • Meet other people in the game industry, even if you're an introvert

  • Get gigs through your network, without a demo reel or website

  • Make the most of events and conferences

  • Students - ensure you have projects to work on after you finish school

Akash Thakkar Free Course Networking


If you're reading this, odds are you want to work in game audio - and not only that - you want to make sure that you have an insanely high-quality career.

You don't want to deal with low-paying clients who ghost you, work at a company that just lays you off after six months, or want to keep getting turned down for job after job because of a lack of skill or knowledge.

But, most people feel that getting high-paying, high-quality work is impossible. They think you have to be lucky, talented, go to a certain school, or live in a certain city to make it happen. 

Maybe you've already read books, taken online classes, asked for work on social media, and applied to jobs with no results already, so it just feels hopeless. 

Thankfully, within my courses, you'll be given professional guidance on how to make your game audio dreams a reality. Instead of an outdated book or course, you'll have someone who's working in game audio every single day guide you.

In my premium courses, we focus on what I call the GAME method.

G: Grow your skills
A: Attend events and make connections
M: Master your psychology
E: Earn a high income

Each course focuses on different aspects of what you need to succeed in game audio, and you'll need a good grasp of all four of these aspects to get the game audio career of your dreams - whether that be in AAA or Indie.

I've had thousands of students go from $0 to full-time audio from all over the world. Many have increased their income by 10x, worked on top-tier games like Destiny 2, League of Legends, Halo: Infinite, and Minecraft, won massive awards, and are able to support themselves fully through their art.

I believe you can make this a reality, and I'll be there to help.

Check my premium courses out below, and reach out to me with any questions you have.


Learn the business skills you need to make your dream audio career a reality.


  • Find high-quality, highly-paid work - no matter where in the world you are

  • Negotiate with any client, and get paid well for all of your work

  • Stand out amongst the crowd and have clients begging to work with you

  • Get personalized guidance and mentorship directly from me with live monthly calls and a 24/7 Slack community.

  • Re-opens in 2024. Join the wait list below.

The Game Industry Professional Online Course Akash


Create high quality sound design, quickly, and without randomness or struggle.

  • How to practice the craft of sound design (and why practicing less leads to better results)

  • Learn the 5 most important sound design processing techniques for any sound designer

  • Learn the HMLS technique to layer your sounds quickly and easily

  • For beginner to intermediate sound designers

  • Sold out! This course will re-open in late 2024 or early 2025. 

Akash Sound Design Course


Learn how to make the sounds in your head a reality through synthesizers.

  • Learn how to use Serum to make incredible synthesized video game sound design quickly

  • Create super unique sound design that will help you stand out from the crowd

  • Learn skills that will transfer to almost any hardware or software synthesizer in the world

  • Coming in 2025. Join the wait list below: 

Step By Step Synthesis Online Course Game Audio Sound Design Akash


Learn the basics of FMOD, Unity, and C# programming to help you finally understand how game audio implementation works.


  • Work more confidently on professional-level projects using FMOD and Unity

  • Transfer the skills you learn in the course to real-world projects

  • Beginner-friendly. No programming experience required

  • Coming in 2025. Join the wait list below:

Akash FMOD Course
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