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The Terry Crews Method: Quit More, Get More Done

Did you know that TV star, NFL player, and all-around wonderful buffman Terry Crews hates working out?

"What?!" you say, your monocle popping out of your eye in shock and horror, "so how does such a wondrous beef boy get such strapping results?"

Well, he shows up to the gym every day, and he allows himself to go home after he checks in. And here's the thing: he DOES go home. A lot.

Terry Crews Flexing
The Physique of a Quitter

Yes, Terry Crews quits on the regular. But even so, he gets infinitely more workouts in than 99.9% of people who think they need to hit a workout quota. He also gets way better results with a lot less stress.

And this sort of "show up and quit" model is how most of us should be thinking of our work. This is what I call the Terry Crews Method.

And this is how I recommend you practice your craft Because, yes, we do need to practice.

But we tend to internalize the ideas of "I need to practice 10 hours a day" or "I must release 5 pieces of music a week" as the only ways to improve ourselves.

Yes, those methods can work for some, but at a certain point, they become unsustainable.

So to keep things nice and easy Show up as often as you can. Daily is ideal, because you can always quit.

"Showing up" is as simple as opening your DAW, picking up your instrument, turning on your field recorder... anything like that. Just one small step.

And once you do show up, all you need to do is decide if you want to continue working, or if you want to quit.

You'll get more done, and you won't be beholden to an arbitrary quota that doesn't take other aspects of your life into it.

This is exactly what I'm doing to finish up the work on my upcoming Step-By-Step Sound Design online course, and it's working great.

So just do what Terry Crews does Show up all the time, quit if you want, and get way better results with way less stress.

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