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Touring with the Lumineers, Making Your Own Luck, & Saying ”Yes” with Stelth Ulvang

This week on the Sound Business Podcast, we're interviewing songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Stelth Ulvang!

Stelth is a musician, vocalist, songwriter, and touring member of The Lumineers. Not only does he work with other bands, but also creates music alongside his wife, Dorota Szuta.

In this interview we talk about touring, playing shows with tens of thousands of people in the audience, playing alongside giant bands like U2, what it feels like to play a show with just a dozen people in the audience the night after a huge performance, and much more.

Find Stelth Ulvang at:

nstagram: @stelthulvang

Spotify: Stelth Ulvang

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