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Working with the World’s Top Brands & Creating Twenty Thousand-Hertz with Dallas Taylor

This week on the Sound Business Podcast, we're interviewing sound designer and podcast host, Dallas Taylor!

Dallas Taylor is a sound designer, creative director of DeFacto Sound, and podcast host of the #1 podcast Twenty Thousand Hertz.

DeFacto Sound has worked with brands like Tesla, HBO, National Geographic, Cartoon Network, and so many others. On top of that, he and his studio produce Twenty Thousand Hertz, a #1 audio-focused podcast that takes at least 200-300 hours per episode to create.

In this episode, Dallas and I talk about running an audio business, how to choose your clients, why creating content online can be so helpful to us as audio creators, and so much more.

Find Dallas Taylor and Twenty Thousand Hertz at:


Twitter: @20korg

Instagram: @defactosound

Apple Podcasts: Twenty Thousand Hertz

And if you're interested in making music and sound for games, I have a newsletter and free courses that will get you started, and help you find paying work in games. Just go to


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