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Creating Sound Libraries, Pivoting Careers, and Building Teams with Jason Cushing of SoundMorph

This week on the Sound Business Podcast, we're interviewing the brilliant Jason Cushing!

Jason Cushing is a sound designer, entrepreneur, and founder of both SoundMorph and Sinematic. SoundMorph is a premiere sound effects library company that serves sound designers from all over the world, and odds are you've heard their sound effects in some of the biggest games, TV shows, and movies in the world. Jason's newest company, Sinematic, is a repository of some of the highest-end curated sound effects that are out there - simply search for what you need and use it in your project.

In this episode, we talk about building a team, what someone who wants to bolster their income with sound effects libraries should be thinking of, how Jason pivoted from focusing on a 9-5 game audio job to building his own company from scratch, and much more.

Find Jason, Soundmorph, and Sinematic at:

And if you're interested in making music and sound for games, I have a newsletter and free courses that will get you started, and help you find paying work in games. Just go to


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