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Why a Single-Numbers-Focus Prevents us from Reaching our Goals

Most of us are overly focused on a single number in our lives.

We want our income to increase.

We want more clients.

We want more followers and subscribers.

We feel we need to accomplish things by a certain age.

Measuring things is all well and good, but when we overfocus on one number, we become miserable. When our income dips, followers don't follow fast enough, or we don't accomplish something by an arbitrary age, we spiral, worry, and wonder why we're doing this at all.

And then, at this point, most people quit.

There's no upside to focusing on just a single number. Instead, we can add a feeling to each of our desires.

"I want more paying clients AND I want to feel respected while I work with them."

"I want a higher income AND I want all of my work to generate it to be fun and feel balanced."

"I want more followers AND I want everyone who engages with my content to feel free to take new steps toward their dreams."

As for doing things by a certain age, or within an arbitrary time-frame, forget it. That's a worthless metric and not even worth entertaining.

Add in how you want to feel doing those things. Things will be a lot easier to sustain as a result.

And if you'd like more advice on building your game audio career

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