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DoTheThingitis: Why We Must Release Imperfect Work

I got an interesting email from a subscriber recently. They opened with a simple ask: "Hey, can you buy this Pro Tools book for me? It's really expensive." Now, this subscriber had never talked to me before, engaged with me in any way shape or form, yet came out of the gate asking me to spend money on him. This happens a fair amount (people asking for jobs, computers, software, etc.) and it's always interesting to dig deeper. The thing is, I LOVE to spend money on up and comers, but I want to make sure they're driven and will actually take action. So, I asked "Why do you need this book?" "Because I want to teach Pro Tools in my country. There are no tutorials on it in my language." "Cool, that's awesome. Do you already know how to use Pro Tools?" "Yes. I'm Pro Tools certified and have a degree in audio engineering." "Well then why don't you start teaching and making videos now without the book? You already know more than enough to teach it." "Because I can't make videos to just to make videos! They have to be perfect and I need this book to do that!" Do you see the issue? 99% of the time, we have everything we need to make an impact. But just before we do, we get scared. We find a logical way to procrastinate. We get a serious case of DoTheThingitis. We say "If I don't have X, then I can't do Y." And as a result, this person's country won't be getting the education that it could have. The decision to wait for perfection will effect others in that community negatively. All of us do some version of this, and it's time to start reversing it. It's time to take "If I don't have X, I can't do Y" and turn it into "Even if I don't have X, I'll still do my own version of Y."

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