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Why "Trying Again" Isn't Always The Answer

Have you ever watched that good, good show, Power Rangers (also known as Super Sentai)?

Well, whether you have or you haven't, I want to talk to you about Rita Repulsa.

Rita Repulsa, one of the main villains of the show, shows up EVERY SINGLE EPISODE to take on the Power Rangers and destroy the earth. Suffice to say, she fails every single time.

But here's the thing, she always... ALWAYS re-commits and tweaks her strategy next time.

She always has a new monster, a new plan, or a new ally to try and destroy those pesky power rangers with.

Rita Repulsa in her full glory

Even when the nefarious Lord Zedd tries to out-evil her, she fights back and takes back her throne as the greatest evil-doer in the solar system.

And here's the thing: much like Rita, we will get rejected, we will lose, and we will not get what we want.

And no, I'm not here to simply tell you to "try again." Instead, the art of living as a creative is to re-commit to the life we want over and over and over again.

We likely have already committed to living a creative life, but then we start to question ourselves when the rejection comes in.

So the trick is to do what Rita Repulsa does

Acknowledge that things feel like shit, that it sucks to get rejected, and then to re-commit to what we want.

What we want may have changed, our ambition might have grown, or we may have a clearer idea of what we really want from our lives. Great. Don't just try again, but re-commit to your new, clearer vision.

Rejection can give us clarity, and that clarity helps us re-commit to a more exciting version of the life we really want.

"But Akash, you upside down caramel pecan sponge cake" you say "shouldn't I just try the same thing again and again if I fail?"

Sure, it takes a lot of attempts before we know if what we're doing is even "correct."

But from there, as the rejections just keep coming, we have to re-commit. We have to try new things, get someone to give us feedback (and actually act on it!), take lessons, explore new avenues, and acknowledge what our new vision is and how we can execute on it.

Rejection, failure... yes it sucks, and for some it can completely make people quit. But for you, it should simply clarify your vision of what you want, and let you re-commit to the outcomes you want in your life.

Trying again means doing the same thing over and over - which can work, especially in the beginning.

Beyond that, re-committing means that we re-evaluate and try something new. Something better. Iterating in baby steps every time.

So be like Rita Repulsa: re-commit and find a new way to destroy those Power Rangers.

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