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When I was 17 years old, I started taking online classes from the Berklee College of Music. I had yet to convince my super-traditional Indian parents that going to music school was even a remotely decent idea, but this was a clever in-between solution.

Of course, I can’t blame them for not wanting me to go. Being from a small town with no connections, having no money, having no natural talent… well, there was no proof that I could actually make it.

I remember expressing my doubts to my music business teacher, George Howard (who went on to found Tunecore, and do a billion other ultra-successful businessy things).

I told him that it felt so daunting to “just make a living” in any capacity as an artist. I told him to become a full-time artist was all I wanted from life. George listened well, and responded so simply and so powerfully that I still think of what he said almost daily:

“You will.”

Those two words fueled me for years. That’s all it took for me to know that making it was possible. When we’re surrounded by naysayers, that’s often what we need most: quiet confidence.

In a world where everyone is addicted to outrage, yelling, and bragging, a quiet pat on the back can be one of the most powerful things we can experience.

Think back to your life: are some of the most powerful moments the loudest or the quietest? For most, it’s the latter.

So if you’re doubting whether or not you can do this…

Or if you’re worried whether or not you’ll make a living, just like I was…

Know that If you keep pushing yourself and pressing forward…

You will.


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