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Making It as a Game Composer, Side Hustles, & Helping Others with Ryan Ike

This week on the Sound Business Podcast, we're interviewing video game composer, Ryan Ike!

Ryan Ike is a BAFTA-nominated video game composer and sound designer based out of Seattle WA. Ryan's worked on a ton of games, including Where the Water Tastes like Wine, Frog Fractions 2, Gunpoint, Wizard with a Gun, West of Loathing, Reigns: Game of Thrones, and many many others.

Ryan has a super diverse set of compositional styles, from writing beautiful Americana folk music all the way to banging electronic music, Ryan is able to do it all.

In this episode, we talk all about the struggles of breaking into an industry, getting good at a craft when you have no time, the persistence it takes to become known, working side jobs, creating a life with balance, and much much more.

Find Ryan Ike at:

Twitter: @RyanIkeComposer Instagram: @RyanIkeAudio Spotify: Ryan Ike Website: Bandcamp: Ryan Ike

And if you're interested in making music and sound for games, I have a newsletter and free courses that will get you started, and help you find paying work in games. Just go to


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