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Saying "No", Choosing Clients, and Building New Skills with Disasterpeace

For Episode #2 of the Sound Business Podcast, we have the honor of interviewing Disasterpeace.

Rich Vreeland (Disasterpeace) is an award-winning composer, musician, and audio artist who's worked on video games such as FEZ, Hyper Light Drifter, and Mini Metro, as well as films such as It Follows, Triple Frontier, and Under the Silver Lake.

Disasterpeace has released over FIFTY music albums at this point, and is always pushing what music should sound like, how it's implemented in his projects,

In this episode we talk about saying "no" to great projects, what's next for his career, negotiation, dealing with rejection, seeking out novelty, and so much more.

Listen below!

The Sound Business Podcast - Disasterpeace

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Find Disasterpeace at:

Twitter: @Disasterpeace

Instagram: @dzasterpeace



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