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The Pre-Send-Send: How to Quote Your Price Without Shocking the Client

Have you ever scared away a potential client due to your price?

If you’ve been working as a freelancer or consultant for even a short amount of time, you’ve certainly been in the situation where you send a project proposal over to a potential client only to hear nothing back, or have the client express shock at your price.

So, let’s learn a quick little trick when it comes to sending your bids over.

There’s a way to prevent that surprise and increase the chances of them saying “yes” and becoming a paid client.

First, let’s cover the typical order of operations for most freelancers:

  1. A potential client comes to you and asks “So, how much do you charge?”

  2. You freak out.

  3. You get a price together and put it in a project proposal (I hope. If you’re not doing this, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.)

  4. You send the proposal to the client and keep freaking out while anxiously refreshing your email.

So let’s add a wrinkle to this: make your proposal as normal… but don’t send it right away.

Before you send it off, just let them know how much the price is going to be a few hours in advance.

Just send a simple message like this:

“Hey, as a heads up, I’m finishing up your project proposal now. It’s going to come in at around $2000.”

This way, they won’t be shocked when it does arrive, and they’ll be far more likely to have a conversation about the price (or just hire you outright.)

So, before you send over your proposal, let them know the price in a simple email, wait a few hours, then send the proposal itself.

The client will be far less scared of however much you’re charging and will be way more likely to get back to you positively.


And if you work (or want to work) as a game industry freelancer

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