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Recently, a friend of mine told me something fascinating:

Basketball players who shoot free throws underhanded have radically improved accuracy over those who shoot normally. 

Meaning the player who looks like this:

Score way more free throws than the player who looks like this:

Rick Barry, a pioneer of the technique, sinks 9 shots out of 10 from the free throw line, which is almost unheard of from those shooting traditionally.

Even with these amazing results, almost no one is adopting this technique.


Listen, I'm no sports-guy, but this realization brought a question to mind.

What are WE doing that is less effective than it could be? What are we doing "correctly" that's holding us back?

Here are some things that come to mind, though I'm sure you'll be able to fill in your own:

  1. Not thinking of our business as… A business. Just getting good at our craft and wondering why the gigs won't fall into our laps. 

  2. Believing that it's taboo to talk about money, thus preventing us from learning about it.

  3. Not exercising, believing that our time would be better spent working.

  4. Not deciding which areas in our life are most important - and just "going with the flow."

What are you holding yourself back on?

Dig deep and ask yourself if what you're doing is actually going to give you the results you want.


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