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Why You MUST Share Your Work

There's a very old Turkish tradition called Askida Ekmek, which means "bread on a hanger."

In Turkey, one can to go into a bakery, pay for two loaves of bread, and leave with only one. The second loaf is placed on a hanger, and is given away completely for free to someone in need. Just a little way to pay things forward. Each and every one of us has the opportunity to pay things forward every day. Whenever we share our work, however imperfect, we're leaving our version of bread on a hanger for someone. We're allowing someone else to see what's possible for them in their lives. We're giving them the opportunity to grow. After all, it would be impossible for us to be interested in doing the work we do without first seeing someone else do it. If that formative game, song, painting, website, video, interview, movie, etc. wasn't put out into the world, then our view of what's possible would have stayed narrow. Yet, most of us are too scared to show anything we create, out of fear of being imperfect. That fear keeps us from helping someone in need. Yes, it takes a little extra effort to post, to share, to create more than we already are, but isn't it a creative's duty to empower others? I certainly think so.

And if you need help putting yourself out there I've got you covered. My newsletter and free courses are here to help you share your work, find paying clients in games, and build an incredible network to help you gain the career and life of your dreams.


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